In 2008 we set out on a mission to revolutionize your “Hijab Shopping Experience “because we believed the right hijabs should be accessible for all women. Today we are one of the leading Hijab Brands in the world and we’re still on a mission provide you with the best hijab experience, products and amazing service.

Hareer is all about women of today who are mindful of their choices when it comes to clothing. Hareer was established 12 years ago in Lahore. Now it is well known by women all around the world for its commitment to provide bespoke premium quality of modest wearing. All products are specially tailored to add a personalized spark to every ensemble.
Hareer is respected for its sleek, versatile, and accessible clothing. A team of seasoned designers works around the clock to ensure intricately detailed and timelessly perfected abayas that fit the need of every occasion. Whether you are in quest of finding a well-suited outlook for your workplace or a quickly cropping-up wedding, Hareer can provide a solution by swishing its magic wand to create exquisite abayas that are destined to make you feel confident about your poised demeanor.